A Monticello High School teacher approached Strini and suggested doing a documentary on the artist and the Genocide installation as a class project. These excerpts are from the resulting film (1998). The Sight and Sound of Death: Genocide, produced by WMHS-TV, Monticello High School (Charlottesville, VA: November 27, 1998)

How the Project Began, 1998


Monticello High School
Documentary, 1998

Virtual Tour, 1998
Virginia Currents TV Show, 4:03
Documentary: How the Project Began, 2:57
Documentary: The Mechanics, 2:15
Documentary: The Concept, 3:37
Documentary: Artist's Thoughts on Killing, 1:47
Documentary: Relationship to Other Works, 3:02
Foley Excerpt, U.Va. Exhibition Catalogue, 1998