Robert Strini

March 17, 2015

Robert Strini sculpture piece removed from crate after 41 years.

In my new building which I built after my fire, I have decided to use it as a exhibition space for my art. I have a small barn about 300 yards from this space that I use for construction of my sculpture.

I wanted to exhibit some old sculpture so I opened a crate after 41 years and was surprised at what I saw. This is Sherdian Piece, built in 1973 at a work shop in Canada.  I love this piece and it was in remarkable shape.  Made of laminated ash, oak and maple, the piece is in good shape with no cracks or separations in the wood.  During this time I built good crates to house my work. Let me know your thoughts.

Thank You, Robert Strini


wood sheridan piece


wood sheridan piece back


Posted by Robert Strini