Robert Strini

November 30, 2018


While remodeling my daughters bedroom 15 years ago I found an old piece of newspaper in the wall.

It read 30 Negros for Sale in Scottsville, VA, 1848. Holding this I had such a strange feeling of all the terrible things that went on during this time. The reality of it was even more real as I was holding the paper. This piece of Sculpture consist of a large lead panel 54 in. x 44 in.  with sand blasted words on it.  The cross is 2.5 in. thick and becomes the reliquary for this paper. Raw cotton is used in the cross with the original news paper. Non glare glass seals everything air tight. A gold rope frame around the cross finishes off the piece. I love this piece created with respect for all those who suffered.

Posted by Robert Strini