Robert Strini

October 23, 2016

Reliquary Piece

While remodeling my daughter’s bedroom 15 years ago, I came across a piece of news paper stuffed in the wall.  It read 30 Negros for Sale in Scottsville, VA, 1848.  As I held the news paper , the realization of what happened became more real. Holding this paper took me back to that terrible time.

Even more Scottsville is where I live now. WOW!  This year as I thought about a new piece I revisited the news paper which I saved. Here is what I created.  A large framed panel, 54 in. x 44 in. covered in lead. The writing is sandblasted into the lead.  A cross which is 2.5 in deep  and covered in lead, houses the paper surrounded by raw cotton. I used non-glare glass to seal everything air tight. The cross is framed in a gold rope frame of wood.  I really love this piece and dedicate it with love and respect to all those who suffered.

Robert Strini   October, 2016


recent reliquary detail jpg

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